25 Pin Dtype Adapter


Part No: 06-***-***-**

Region: global

One of the more common data communications interfaces is the 25 pin Dtype connector. Of the (up to) 25 pins on equipment, few carry active signals. Normally, eight pins or less are functionally required. This allows the use of easy to handle, cost effective adapters and line cords.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Available in 9 or 25 pin versions
  • Provided unwired in individually packaged kits for field assembly
  • Provided pre-wired in standard or custom configurations

Material: UL94V-0 rated in configuration.
colours: Slate, Red, White, and Blue (Top and bottom shell may be a combination of these colours)

Material: UL94V-0 rated
Contacts: Phosphor bronze with a minimum of 50 micro inches of gold plate over 100 mcro inches of nickel.

Shell: Steel, zinc plated
Insert: Black glass filled nylon UL94V-0 rated
Contacts: Pin (male) = Brass. Socket (female) = Phosphor bronze
Contact Finish:  Gold flash over 50 micro inches of nickel on entire contact, with additional 30 micro inches of gold on mating end for length of 0.1" min.

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